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Paper Capers -- A First Book Of Paper-folding Fun

RRP $20.99

Even if you've never attempted papercrafting, you can learn how to transform ordinary sheets of paper into a Frisbee flyer, a party paper chain, a Christmas lantern, a spinning top, and other nifty items. Written by a pair of origami experts, these simple, well-illustrated instructions explain how to fold more than a dozen toys, greeting cards, and unusual presents. Tips and tools include 16 sheets of easy-to-remove origami paper.

A Function Of Murder

RRP $15.99

Dr. Sophie Knowles is a math professor with a knack for creating complex puzzles that delight her students. But now, at the close of the academic year, she must solve a crime that doesn't quite add up

At the math department's graduation party, Sophie hears heated arguments coming from the graduates about Mayor Graves, the commencement speaker. Not the mayor's biggest fan, Sophie is happy to escape the drama with an after-hours campus stroll accompanied by her helicopter-piloting boyfriend, Bruce Granville. However, their date is interrupted by the mayor himself-with a knife in his back.

As it turns out, the knife is actually a Henley College letter opener-something that is gifted to every member of the graduating class. Sophie is led to a complicated puzzle of scandal and corruption, and it seems that Mayor Graves is at the apex of it all. When Sophie finds out that the mayor was seeking her help on the day he was murdered, she must use her top-notch logic to crack the puzzle and catch the killer running free on campus

The Funny Fingers Are Having A Party!

RRP $20.99

The Funny Fingers are an oddball family of digits who find fun and humour in everything around them. Even when their miserable neighbours, the Terrible Toes, try to spoil their happiness, the Funny Fingers manage to turn a mishap into an exciting adventure. In this their second adventure, the Funny Fingers throw a fantastic party for all their friends. Even their grouchy Toe neighbours are welcome and become inadvertently involved in a huge game of hide-and-seek. But how will it all end?

This original, feel-good series is very accessible, and has plenty of commercial appeal. Young children and parents can also mimic characters with their own fingers as an additional activity while reading. It is packed with slapstick humour - perfect for younger children.

Book Signing Party

RRP $16.99

A book signing party is one of the best direct marketing methods for an author to make money with printed books. It has many advantages over traditional book signings and gives the self-published author a serious advantage in the book selling market.

People are always excited to meet the author of a book. When those people are your family and friends, there's an even more special bond that gets them super excited to hear about the book that you wrote and published. Getting a signed book from you will make them ecstatic and will make them want to talk to others about your book.

Instead of the traditional book signing where an author is totally taken outside of their comfort zone and thrown into uncharted marketing territory, a book signing party alleviates most of the author's reluctance and fear, easing them into book marketing in a motivational and inspirational way.

A book signing party can be the most rewarding experience for you if you are releasing your first story. It not only introduces you to book marketing, it does it in a way that is not intimidating and with a lot more marketing power and reach than any direct marketing approach. It helps motivate you more because you are actually making money with your efforts. You will see that it is a fast, easy, and fun way to start making book sales and will help you build confidence within you that will give you the courage to expand out to a more public setting with your book signings.

'Book Signing Party - A Writer's Marketing System for Book Selling Success' is a simple guide to help you organize and plan a successful book signing event from start to finish in the comfort of your own home. With a little bit of guidance, you will have all of the knowledge you need to throw together a successful book signing party.

Book Signing Party will provide you with a solid marketing foundation, the system, needed to jump start your book sales right out of the gate. It will walk you through how to invite guests, to prepare for a party, to conduct the party, to effectively set yourself up with more parties to tap into other people's networks, and to provide many tips and tricks to make your party a success.

Learn how to promote your published book without any previous marketing knowledge, perfect for all writers who have never experienced sales first hand. If you want to make money with your books, this is the best place to start.

Fungi Of Australia

RRP $39.99

The family Hygrophoraceae (Agaricales) includes some of the most beautiful examples of gilled fungi. Many species are brilliantly coloured and their shapes are exquisitely symmetrical. For this reason, species are frequently noticed in the field. Most terrestrial habitats support one or more species of Hygrophoraceae, and their abundance and diversity increases with the availability of moisture. Suitable habitats include all types of forest and woodland, as well as grassland, heath, swamps and sand-dunes.

This authoritative account, richly illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings, documents 92 species and infra-specific taxa of the four Australian genera: Hygrophorus, Camarophyllopsis, Humidicutis and Hygrocybe. A detailed introduction to the family is followed by identification keys to genera and species, along with comprehensive descriptions of each taxon.

This volume provides:

Authoritative identification keys for this attractive group
Full descriptions and synonymy for each species
Habitat information and a distribution map for each species
Numerous superb colour photos, as well as line illustrations of most species


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