How to run a successful bucks show

You're probably the best man (or close to it) and suddenly tasked with organising the bucks night for your good friend. This is a small site designed to give you a bit of inspiration to organise a typical or unique bucks party to see the buck off on one of his final nights before marriage.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Get a list of those the buck wants invited (probably from the buck)
  • Find out what sort of night is going to be appropriate (strippers and pranks, just a blokes' day out, or something in between)
  • Assess the participants and pick a pricepoint; from this you can ascertain your budget
  • Research ideas and concepts
  • Create a rough plan, and run it past a couple of co-conspirators for their feedback
  • Finalise your schedule
  • Put together a bucks night invitation
  • Handle RSVPs
  • Take payment
  • Oversee the action on the eventual day


Drink Up!

Nothing breaks the ice and loosens people up like alcohol and nothing facilitates that like a drinking game. Boat races with tinnies, drinking penalties for those mentioning specific topics (various sporting events, particular women, the sharemarket, certain models of cars, etc). A few rounds of shots won't hurt either.


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